Your favorite art or photograph will look great in this easytobuild frame resting on a classic adjustable easel

Treasured photographs and artwork deserve a distinctive place in any home. And this frame and easel combination makes a great place to display those gems.

This project is pretty simple to build. There's no complicated joinery because both the base and the frame are built up from three separate components. The easel is nothing more than a three-tiered base with a support and clamp added to hold the frame in place. The individual components are chamfered to add to the form and character of the easel.

The frame is built by gluing the facing to a backer board and then just adding trim around the edges. The frame is also chamfered to add character and I chose contasting wood for the facing as well.

There are two sizes for this project — one for 8 x 10 photos and one for 5 x 7 photos. I've featured the 8 x 10 frame throughout this article, but I've also included the dimensions for a 5 x 7 version in the cutting diagram on page 21.

You can also build a set for an 11 x 14 photograph or art. The cutting diagram and materials list is online at


Frame & Easel building the


Building the frame for the frame and easel duo is pretty straightforward. To keep it simple, I eliminated the need for splines on the mitered corners by gluing the facing to a backer and then mitering the trim around the assembly. The trim has a rabbeted edge that fits tight against the facing and backer.

BACKER AND FACING. The backer and the facing are sandwiched together. The backer is V4" narrower than the facing so that when they are glued together they form a rabbett to hold the glass and photograph or artwork in the frame.

The backer pieces are cut to size and fit with butt joints (main drawing). The facing has mitered joints and a chamfer on the inside edge.

I cut the facing to width and rough length and then routed the chamfered edge (How-To box below). The facing can be mitered to length and glued together with the backer, as shown in detail 'a.'

TRIM. The trim is rabbeted to fit around the facing and backer and has a chamfer on the inside front edge (main drawing). Again, it's easiest to do this work before the pieces are cut to length, as shown in the two right drawings in the

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