Bowl Turning Basics

So many novice turners, eager to test all their new tools and equipment, rush into turning bowls, itching to get a tangible object on the sideboard with which to impress the family and neighbors. It's natural enough, but later on there tends to be a nagging realization that end grain could have been cut more cleanly, and that heavy sanding is not enough to eliminate the torn grain.

Often the problems originate in an overly ambitious design involving fancy ogee curves, which are never easy, and tight internal curves, which are even less so. As novices we soon learn that turning is not as simple as it looks, and that smoothly cut surfaces don't appear just because you push a tool into the wood, no matter how sharp the edge.

This article guides you through the turning of a simple open bowl whilst introducing a range of basic techniques on which you can

Australia's Premier Turner Shows His Step-by-Step Approach

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