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Randy And Gretchen Nelson Fulton
Rolltop Chessboard

of Tools. Woodworker's Supply Inc. carrics tlicm in the States.

Will McDermid find gold in them thar cards? That might he asking a lot. but remember, it wasn't long ago that someone made a million bucks marketing the Pet Rock.

—Offcuts contributors: Susannah Hogendorn, Kevin Ireland and 7:7Us Walentine

These days there arc greeting cards for everyone from the bereaved pet owner to the jubilant divorcee. But a card for woodworkers? Randy McDermid. a writer and designer from British Columbia, is convinced there's money in woodworking project cards, so he's producing them.

Each black-and-white card has a photo of a woodworking project on the cover, while inside there's a dimensioned drawing, rudimentary construction information, and (of

These cards let you send your favorite woodworker an attractive project, along with your personal messages.

course) space for a personal message. Designs include a turned vase, a decorative screen and a chess board (sec photo), and McDermid also has plans in the works for a baby's era-die. So far, the cards are available in Canada through Lee Valley Tools Ltd., and House ftfirtmn' »—nil«



Albert LeCoff, director of The Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia, is starting a pilot program to introduce young people, their shop teachers and parents to the art of woodtuming.

The program, scheduled for March 5 and 6. is a two-part workshop for up to 35 teens, teachers, and parents. On the first day. participants will gather at the George School in Newtown. Pennsylvania, to learn turning techniques from instructors Allen Androkities. Dave Hardy. Kevin Kirwin. and Mark Sfirri. Then they'll reconvene the next day at Ursinus College in Collegeville. Pennsylvania, to view the International Lathe-turned Objects exhibition and attend design workshops with some of the exhibiting artists, including Ed Bosley, Michael Brolly, Michael Kehs, Laura Marth. Dennis Mueller. Lincoln Seitzman and Mark Sfirri.

LeCoff says that while the greatest response has come from the local area, people all over the country have expressed an interest in the workshops. If the pilot program is a hit. he'd like to see it go nationwide. LeCoff hopes his program will show parents, teachers and young people some of the pleasures of working by hand.

For more information or to register, contact the Wood Turning Center at (215) 844-2188. Enrollment is limited, so act now.

ree T-Shirt binaron

This blade comes with a


Our new 40 page color sawblade catalog in every package

Package includes a Freud T-shirt!

We've put together a great package for you: our top-of -the -line 10" industrial ripping, crosscuttmg and general purpose blades at a great pnce. These three blades will handle all of your workshop needs. In addition, you will receive a FREE Freud T-shirt. (Made in the USA. 100% cotton). Plus, you get a tree copy of our new sawblade catalog, packed with new products and technical information. This package is a woodworker's dream It makes a great gift, tool

What about the blades?

Crosscut • The Fabulous LU85M■ Recommended by Wood' Magazine. Cuts wood so smooth, you won't even think about sanding the endgrain. And there's a Teflon coating on the blade body to prevent binding. The teeth? Just what you'd expect. They're ground to an aggressive Alternate Top Bevel and then each cartxde tooth is polished to a mirror finish.

Precisely what you need.

Blade package nxis! bo purchased from partcpating dealers between November 1.1993 and March 31.1994.

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Ripping • The Precise LM72M- You have to try it. This Wade, like all Freud blades, is laser cut for a stiffer plate and whisper-quiet operation. The ng.d blade body and razor sharp flat top carbide teeth will give you a cut with glue line accuracy - even on the thickest materials. The blade is precision balanced and features our Anti-kickback Design - the safest in the industry.

General Purpose • The Versatile LU84M • If tho job calls for different cuts on a variety of materials, the Freud general purpose blade is the way to get the job done. It'll rip 4/4 oak and crosscut 3/4" plywood, no sweat. This blade is a clever balance between the large gullet and Flat Top tooth needed for ripping, with the ATB tooth for cross-cutting. You're sure to appreciate the extra deep gullet for chip removal and our own special Anti-kickback Design that limits the tooth's bite to prevent overfeeding. It's the ideal blade for the radial arm saw because it dramatically reduces the chance of climbing.

Ask your nearest participating dealer for "Freud's New Blade Pack-. Once you try these Freud will accept no substitutes.

Foxy Joint

©The leg on one of my Windsor kitchen chairs is loose. I tried to remove the leg to reglue the joint, hut the tenon won't come out of the chair scat. There are no nails or pins securing the leg. What kind of joint did the maker use, and what should I do to tighten the leg?

Dale Bern Falls Run, MO

O Since there are no visible fasteners locking the joint together, the leg probably has a "fox-wedged" or "blind-wedged" tenon. (See drawing.) In this type of joint, a wedge is inserted in a slot in the tenon before the joint is assembled. When the wedge hits the bottom of the scat mortise, it's driven into the tenon, spreading the tenon and locking the joint together. Chairmakers often undercut the seat mortises with a gouge to further strengthen the joint.

The easiest way to separate this joint is to steam it apart. To get heat and water to the joint, slip a length of rubber tubing over the spout of a teakettle and direct the steam at the loose joint. This will soften the fibers of the wood, and a sharp rap with a mallet under the seat near the leg will disengage the wedged tenon. If your chairs are old, they were probably constructed using hide glue, and the steam will soften any glue still remaining. (Even with a white or yellow glue, you'll still have luck using this method.)

To reassemble the joint, simply replace the old wedge with a thicker one and reglue.

Don Weber Furniture restorer atul bodger

Mendocino, CA

Making Curved Aprons

©What's the best way to make the curved apron (or skirt) on a round table?

Lou Hall Pleasant Plains, AK

OHow you make a curved apron will depend upon the kind of table you're constructing. If the desired curve is slight—say larger than 3 ft. in radius—you can handsaw the curve in sections from thick blanks. This is the simplest method because any joinery can be done while the blanks are still square. However, you'll waste a fair amount of wood, and each end of the apron

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