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splotching on soft wood. (Price: $11.35 per quart)

Wood Kote, Dept AWT. Box ¡7192, Portland. OR 97217 (503) 285-8371. Circle #604

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Smart Switches

The DCS-100 Wireless Control System lets you switch on your dust collector remotely from anywhere in your shop, without any additional wiring. The basic kit has three components: a hand-held transmitter, a transceiver and a relay module.

To use the system, you first plug the relay module into your dust collector's regular 110- or 220-volt outlet, then plug the dust collector into the relay. You plug the transceiver into any 110-volt outlet in your shop. When you push a button on the transmitter, it sends a wireless signal to the transceiver. From there the signal goes through your regular shop wiring to the relay, which switches on the dust collector. You can buy an extra relay module (optional) to switch another machine with a second button on the transmitter (Price: $87.50 for kit, $38.50 for extra relay module)

Fernbrook, Dept. AWT, 83 Pine Rd., Otto, NC 28763> (704) 524-6125. Circle #603

Custom-Color Your Wood Stain

Wood-Kote s new "Tintablc" Jelled Wood Stain lets you create custom tints to match any wood color or decorator paint color. The stain comes in two tint bases (one for light and one for dark colors), to which you add concentrated pigments available at paint and hardware stores. After mixing in the pigment you apply the oil-base stain with a rag. then wipe it oflf. It dries in two hours and resists

High-Class Scrub Plane

Lie-Nielsen's cast-iron scrub plane will let you level the surface of a rough sawn board quickly before finishing with a jack plane. The 10^-in.-long plane is modeled after the old Stanley splotching on soft wood. (Price: $11.35 per quart)

Wood Kote, Dept AWT. Box ¡7192, Portland. OR 97217 (503) 285-8371. Circle #604

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