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Horizontal Slot Mortising Machine

Our Jig Does Double-Duty as a Horizontal Router Table and a Slot Mortiser/Tenoning Machine

Tenoning Machine

The jig consists of a router mounted to the edge of the tablesaw and a sliding table that holds the workpiece. Here, the operator routs a tenon, swinging the lever to move the worfcplece into the bit while sliding the table forward and backward.

The jig consists of a router mounted to the edge of the tablesaw and a sliding table that holds the workpiece. Here, the operator routs a tenon, swinging the lever to move the worfcplece into the bit while sliding the table forward and backward.

Woodworkers have been designing router jigs since the first router reached the market over 50 years ago. But most of these jigs are suited to just one operation, or if they're more versatile, they tend to require time-consuming setups to switch from one function to another. And few of these jigs can handle both mortises and tenons easily.

Our router jig mounts conveniently to the tablesaw. and it handles mortises and tenons, plus a host of other tasks, with ease. You can cut tenons up to 2'/j in. long and mortises up to 2\'i in. deep, in stock as thick as 3 in. The jig handles stock up to 5 in. wide for edge mortising and up to 7 in. wide for tenoning and end mortising. And you can use it as a router table to cut grooves, sliding dovetails—even raised panels. Switching from one setup to the next is fast, and you can easily move the jig out of the way when you want to use the tablesaw. Also, since you're using the tablcsaw's table and miter grooves, accuracy is built right in.

How It Works

As the cover photo shows, this jig consists of a carriage or "sled" assembly that rides on your saw table, and a router mounting assembly that attaches to the side of the saw table to hold the router in a horizontal position and provide height adjustment.

The carriage assembly, which you use for mortise-and-tenon work, has three pieces: a fixed sled, a movable sled and a sliding fence. (See Fig. 1.) The sliding fence backs up the work-piece, while the movable sled moves side to side by way of a lever to advance the workpiece into the bit. These two parts arc attached to the fixed sled, which slides forward and backward in your tablesaw's miter slots. The sled is dimensioned to fit many common tablesaws. However, if the locations of the miter gauge slots on your saw don't fall within the range shown in Fig. 4, you'll have to make adjustments as indicated.

The router assembly is made up of two main pieces: a leg panel that bolts to your saw table and the tloor. and a wedge-shaped router fence that actually holds the router. Both parts are made from plywood faced with plastic laminate for strength and durability.

The router fence pivots on a Vbv-16 stud to roughly adjust bit height, while an adjusting block that slides in a groove in the leg panel (see bottom photo, page 33) lets you easily line-tunc the height setting.

When you want to use the table-saw, you remove the sled, loosen the knobs that hold the router fence in place, and drop the fence and router down and out of the way.

Design and Construction Notes

There's nothing complicated about making this jig. but there are several important points you should note about its design and construction.

• Recessing the router: We recessed the router base % in. into the router fence to maximize bit depth. (See Fig. 2.) The recess is located 1 in. from the top edge of the fence for rigidity.

• Slotting the router assembly: We routed the curved slots in the router fence and the leg panel (see Fig. 2) with a router mounted on one end of a trammel made from a long scrap of plywood. We fitted the router with a

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