'i will have short grain, which is weak.

Another way to get the same shallow curve is to steam the wood and bend it to shape. This will give you a strong apron because there will belong grain throughout the curve. But the effort involved with steam bending (building a steam box, using bending straps, careful wood selection) makes this most suitable for production situations. Also, steam-bent wood will spring back after it is released from the form, and it's mostly trial and error when gauging exactly how much springback will occur.

A third technique, which allows radii as small as 2 in., is laminating thin (!4-in. or so) strips together. This produces very strong curves with minimal springback, and less wood is wasted than with bandsawing. You can clamp the strips using a two-part form, but my favorite method is to position the stock over a single form with a !*-in. sheet of masonite on top to spread the clamping pressure evenly. Then I place this arrangement in a vacuum bag to clamp the work.

John Dunnigan Furniture maker and designer West Kingston, RI

Bumpy Belt Sander

┬ęThe last time I used my stationary belt sandcr, it made a thumping noise as the belt contacted the wood. I ended up with a workpiecc

that was rounded along its front edge, and I noticed a raised area on the belt shaped like a football. I replaced the belt and the machine no longer "thumps." What went wrong with the first belt?

Sid Popkins Prescott, AZ

OThis is a common problem on belt sanders that aren't used regularly. The drive roller on vour belt

sandcr is slightly crowned (larger in diameter at its center) to keep the belt centered on the roller during use. The crown will deform the belt in one spot if the machine is idle for too long. The belt stretches and takes the shape of the roller, resulting in the football shape you describe.

To avoid the problem, rotate the belt occasionally so that the roller contacts different spots on the belt. If you won't be using the machine for a couple of weeks, you can simply relieve the tension on the belt or remove the belt until the next time you use the machine.

Walt Morrison Woodworker Northport, NY

Mortise undercut wftti chisel.

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How To Sell Furniture

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