The ONLY way to buy wood!

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Software/Videos pc software, Comprehensive woodworking index: 17 journals. 553 issues, 13.467 articles, update service. S56.95; Free ScScH INFODEX SERVICES, IX'pt. 9001, 10609 King Arthurs. Richmond. VA 23235-3840. Free information.


Software/printed versions. Locate information for better use of 553 issues of leading woodworking magazines. Yearly updates. IX)S. Windows. $54.45. Printed Index, SJi.9.5. WOODFIND. Box 27031.. Lynnwood, WA 98036

Tool Accessories_

switch your dust collector from any location in your shop, with pocket transmitter. Call FERNBROOK: (704) 524-6125

dust coijjf.ction for small Shops Send S.A.S. envelope for description and catalog F WEISS, Box 3195. Ashland, OR 97520

photomicrograph of vour dust. Send SASH for information. $10 per photograph. NORDMEYER. P.O. Box 68. Knippa, TX 78870.

adapter #1: Fits 2-inch PVC pipe to shop vacuum hoses. Build inexpensive dust collection system from simple plans. Beat SF;aRS kit price by 50%! ADAPTER »2: Fits 2-inch PVC pipe to SEARS kit 929964. $6.00 each, ppd. F. WEISS. Box 3195. Ashland. OR 97520.

replace tablesaw guide Fence cheap. Super accurate. Easy to mount. 5 year warranty. (800) 424-9422.

router bits, Shaper cutters, huge brand name selection. FREE next-day delivery. Call 24 hrs. (800) CUT-TRUE.

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