The Toggle Clamp Youfve always wanted:

Adjusts instantly and Can HokJ a 4x4 # ^ Single Bolt Mounting, allows clamp to p«vo<. or slid* in slots N ^ High mochnmcal Advantage — Soft. Replaceable Jaw Tip worn mar wortt

Frame & Lever Form Convenient Hand hold

Applications DnI Press Tat*»

Instructions: Drop p* on *ortt p«ece <d sides loosely» Raise Lever • The nqher you rarsc. tfte harder rt cbmps Lemper lever - Work is now secue^y

Chop Saws Ripping WorVbenenes Bar Champs Tenoonna etc

Free Drill Press Table Plans With Purchase. Only: S49.95 ♦ SÄ SAH. CA Residents add 8 25% sales Uj

Mip*T#fc Engineering. -016 #5 Morse A.« . Decx AW Suvyvaie. CA 94099

AVAIL A OLE NOW! To order or rPQj*f»1 tot^iM Oyer caI 1 -800-4-CLAM PS

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