North Carolina

WORKSHOPS Brasstown: April 3-8. Caricatures in Woodcarving—Doctor Roy Hcllman April 8-10. Caricatures in Woodcarving: Roy Hcllman. April 10-16. Caricatures in Woodcarving—Old Golfer: Roy Hcllman Willow Furniture Building: Timothy O'Dea. April 17-23. Basic Carving—Three Categories of Expression: M.W Rainey. John C. Campbell Folk School. Rte. 1 C04) 2^7S Charlotte: March 12. Veneers and Inlay. Diversified Equipment and Supply, 11223 Blair Rd O04) 545-5198,

Marshall: March 7-11. Swiss Oxyperage. March 21-25. Windsor Chairmaking. April 4-8. Swedish W<xxlenware. AU taught by Drew Langsncr. Country Workshops. 90 MIO Creek Rd. (704) 656-2280.

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