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Tedswoodworking Plans

Ted's Woodworking Plans

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NIAGARA LUMBER & WOOD PRODUCTS. INC 47 Elm Street. East Aurora. NY 14052. (800) 274-0397.


"GOOD WOOD" Pennsylvania hardwoods. Many species & sizes. FREE catalog. CROFFWOOD MILLS. RD »1. Box 14C, Driftwood. PA 15832.

FANTASTIC INVENTORY—Logs, lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog $2.00. GILMER WOOD CO., 2211 NW St. Helens Road. Portland. OR 97210. (503) 274-1271.

TURNING BLOCKS: Squares /burls /slabs & veneers. 60+ Species. Imported & domestic hardwoods. WOODPLY LUMBER-A5. 100 Bennington Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. (800) 354-9<X)2.

20BF BULK PACKS of selected lumber: Cherry $2.15/bf. Red elm $1.55/bf. ^-in. Red oak S2.15/sq. ft.; Additional species. FREE catalog: Visa/MasterCard. BADGER HARDWOODS OF WISCONSIN LTD., North 1517 Hwy. 14. Suite AW14, Walworth. WI 53184. (800) 252 2373.

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

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