A. T-Square® saw stops, gang stops and flip stops tighten accuracy to within l/64th of an inch with a convenient stick-down measuring tape and hairline pointer. They attach quickly to any radial arm saw eliminating the need for C-clamps and hand-held tapes.

B. Precision table sets are easily attached to your saw and available in 12" and 1(>" widths. Custom left- and right-hand lengths are available to lit your specific needs.

C. T-Square Saw Fence I its any table saw, old or new. A single lever locks and automatically squares the fence, eliminating unnecessary set-up labor. Your system will be built to your specifications, with cutting capacities up to 122" to the right and 48" to the left of the blade.

I). Custom extension tables, right and left and rear support tables are available. Also, ask about our adjustable steel support legs.

E. Saw inserts let you custom cut a tight blade slot to avoid splintering and chipping. Create a custom-iitting insert for each blade.

F. Auxiliary fences are perfect for dadoing, straightening, cutting thin material or for clamping on jigs.

(i. Sliding tables, available in three cutting capacities, are a safe and precise way to square and trim wide material.

H.The BladeGuard system provides increased safety without slowing down production. It parks above the saw when using sliding tables or jigs.

I. Miter saw stop systems are available for the specific make and model of your saw in custom right and left cutting capacities.

J. Miter saw stops are now available with the new. adjustable dual hairline pointers. One for cutting to an outside miter and square cuts and a new stop to cut to the inside of a miter or to the inside of a rabbet and a square cut.

K. Drill Press Guard, available in 1 models, also provides increased safety for shaper-tables and machinists mills.

L The T-Square home shop saw fence gives professional results to the home shop woodworker. Numerous left- and right-hand cutting capacities are available.

Every Biesemeyer product comes with a two-week, money back guarantee. Call us toll-free: 1-800-782-1831 or ((>02) 835-9300.216 South Alma School Road. Mesa. Arizona S5210.

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