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Optonal Table Boards

30 >rHcr CTE 2731 $23

52' ftHCf CTE 2747 S

Un-Sa^s wtr Biaetneye? CK A^i-ferce NEW 3Mí»WtiHt Classic Edition Unisaw

BesPÊWfef Feooe- .$1599 00' 36-Ä3C3H.P. wsW Uni-leoce .$1399.00* 36-8313H.P. wW Biesemeyer T-SquareFon«: S* 3&S20 3H.P Uni-tcnoe (Spwal Edoon) S1 • nc" 36 $213H.P 8i«emever52* T-Squye Few $1499 C '

* Price arter Delta I

34 4452Contractors Saw a 30* UnTience and 5200 00 in ftcce&sones FREE $799 0(

T1-993P 5SP Drill Press /» Free 17 905 Morttttu Attach

14*65GP Hollow Chisel Mortiser w FREE 17-909 {1 :*') A

f 7-9JO {3«'8"i Mortiser Bits (587 vaiuei 91

NEW1 504501 HP 1200 CFM Oust Collector . ' NEW* 50-851 2HP 1200 CFM Dust Collector NEW 36-865 Ver»a-Fe«der S247 9

22-675Y15' Pbner «60655 iia-rf IS36056 wue) $11 ^ . / 28-27514" Open 8and-Saw 28-26014" Enclosed Band Saw 1 HP 28-280ZW Closed B/S w< $225 aocys FREE $779.00*

• "Oscjllating Spmdle Sander > Induces Sardr^ Sonle Sei ($6670 Vaüei 5218

3J-7Ä?Osc. Spmdle Sander ^SA^lö-^ScroiSiw.NFfeeÄasatÄdJKiSUSO^i t'M90 ¿ytSQPQ-SW• SentSmtuiw. Karrt (Kml$U50vO» 37-1901 Oe^uxe Jointer S429.C :»

37-350k 8" Jointer w startf S1498 0C*

43-379 Special Edition Sfcaper $i249.t-j

50-345 Universal Mobile Base

3i «»0Sandmg Center 5749.00'

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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