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Mirror Smooth Finishes

0 1 am building a mahogany table.

I I would like to achieve an ultra smooth factory-like finish. I have been told furniture manufacturers and restorers use paste wood filler to get such a finish. What Is paste wood filler and how is it applied?

B. Schoenbauer.

Charlotte Hall. MD

- ^ Wood Koto manufactures AI a paste grain filler called WoodPerfect™ so the consumer will not confuse it with a wood patch. Paste grain (or wood) fillers are used to fill the pores in the grain of "open- woods such as walnut, oak and mahogany. They are not formulated to fill scratches, knicks or nail holes. Generally,

the time and effort spent using WoodPerfect™ is repaid by reducing the number of coats of clear finish required to attain a mirror smooth finish. It will also reduce the amount of sanding required between coats. Sand the surface as required, then appty Wood Perfect™ »n a circular motion with a plastic blade over the wood surface. Scrape off any excess and allow the surface to dry for at least 20 minutes or until it turns dull. Then rub the surface with a coarse ck>th against the direction of the grain. Clean with a soft cloth leaving filler only in the pores. Allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours before applying a top coat

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