Bull Nose

□lock mitre bit


□rabbeting ktt

Bolt bearing goiccs a 10* 4 depth ot cuts; 3/8". 7/16". 5/16'. 1/4". Set: 1/4" snank rabbeting nit. 4 bearings (3/8*. 1/2". 5/8'. 3/4") 4 he» key. #1425 1-1/4* Large Dan-eter $25.00


'/ . • Adjustable, uniform clamping // pressure on all corners • Great for wide cabinet frames (for center or edges) • Forces a frame into perfect square • Almost —i NO capacity limitation, ships with 23 ft reel of r,v«b] steel banding • Aluminum & Steel construction ITEM #1420 _____ _ -a-

ffim REG. $39.95 SALE$2495

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped

Round Over/Beading Bit Set ---mm

Set lndudes - HSPi

4 Round Over Bits jjL Jkjfk with 1/2' OD bear ing (1/8'. 1/4", Jti^ fS-

3/8"00 bearing & JgM

$72 individually SALE$399S

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped

Cove Bit Set

& Solid Brass Router Inlay Set

A Makes perfect fitting recesses and Inlays!

' Easy to use Inlay kit follows a 1/4* thick pattern tem-

■Q y plate of almost any shape to produce the recess. Fits

^H Porter Cable*. Black & Decker* or any router with an w ¿M^l^fe 1H adaptor for Porter Cable bushings. Kit includes 1/8"

• ^ solid carbide dwiKutsjHral bit brass bushing, brass i ^ template guide, brass retainer nut & instructions.


This production quality set include 4 Co« Bits: (L/S'R. 1/4* R. 3/8' R. 1/2" R).

ITEM #1435

$65 Individually

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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