Circle No On Product Information Form

PLAN #26

"SIZ21E1T MOTORCYCLE PUN -14' lonQ Cl»$fc Soft-tailed construction. Ctetaikd frame & engine. Spokal Wheels, turiwg For* & working Kick Stand. Cnob! or Engine Heads. Seats. & Fender 4e-*grt* PLANS rtlude staod.

MOTOR ROAO GRADER PLAN-a 25" long cfulteflQ*a fcrthefltt: baking model witfi lots ot details from full. sub. & cradle trarrws. to ti* complete drive-fine & engine assembly. Many operational parts in-ctooe turning 'tootted* cxtM Tiunique steenng wxh Ball Knuckles. operating Cab Ooors. LevefS. & rr/draulic Scartire "Ripper. -FIGHTER JET" • W long •« mostly a cut-out & trace project Generally takirg a weekend <* so. and is designed simply but with the realism and details ol a real moton day Fighter Jet. PLANS ixiude stand

Fo< PLANS send U.S. check or U.S. money order * the above amount to: GATTO PUN SUPPLY

5$ Oogvood Road Hamburg. PA 19526 CIRCLE NO 163 ON PROOUCT FORMATION FORM

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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