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Model LSI 013

Belt-Sander Holder

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A portable belt sander can be easily converted to the stationary variety with this holder, which is made of pine and plywood. Mark out and then cut the profile of your belt sander in -V4-in.-thick pine, then either glue or screw the pine to a plywood base. If necessary, secure the sander to the base with a hanger bolt through one of the tool's existing holes. Lock the handle switch on to use your sander. Better yet, plug into a switched receptacle—this way, you'll find it easier to switch the tool on and off.

Robert McNair Oakland, CA

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3. Plane away upper surface, including jack strip.

1. Cut jack strips to match desired bevel.

2. Using double-faced tape, attach jack strips to opposite faces of board.

shown in the sketch. I then ran the whole assembly through the planer until 1 had a clcan surfacc. The upper strip disappeared in the process, but unlike nails or screws, the tape didn't harm the planer knives.

I-awrence Heinonen Burlington, MI

1. Cut jack strips to match desired bevel.

2. Using double-faced tape, attach jack strips to opposite faces of board.

From File to Scraper

The old, dull files that most of us have lying around make fine scrapers for lathe work. First, skew the end by grinding it to about 30°, then grind the cutting edge to about 20". You now have a scraper with tiny teeth.

For smooth sideways movement over the tool rest, cither grind off the teeth on the undcrsurfacc of the file or covcr them with a few layers of masking tape.

Michael Burton Ogden, UT

Cheap Date

When asked to date my work, I drill a shallow hole and epoxy a new penny in place. To make the coin flush with the ] surface, I chuck a ^/4-in. Forstner bit in : my drill press and set the depth gauge so : the cutting edge just grazes the work. : Then 1 shim the work up with a single ! layer of pennies and drill again.

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3. Plane away upper surface, including jack strip.

Planing Tapers

I recently needed to plane a taper on a 6-in.-wide by 8-ft.-long board. I first cut wo "jack" strips with the same taper I wanted the board to have when done. Using double-sided carpet tape, I attached a strip on opposite faces as

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