Drum Sander

f&eu Quickly Pays For Itself!

Saves hours of tedious hand sanding!

Choose from 26" and 38" Single or Dual Drum Models!

Craftsmen everywhere are using their Woodmaster Drum Sander to save hours of valuable shop time...you can, too! In a matter of seconds, you can produce a satin - smooth, absolutely level surface impossible with hand methods. No more low spots, waves or cross grain marks!

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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