12" Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw


DW733 12-1/2* port Cfcner 449 0W788 20*« scrol saw 489 DW944 10" port table saw 549 DW995KS-2 18 Volt Contracto Combo Kit $389

DW995KC-2 18v driltrocip kit 429 DW938K 18v recip sa-» kit 269 DVV936K I8vcrdlssawkit 249 OW935K U 4 cdls wr^r kit 239 DW621 2*0 vs ping router 219 DW625 3Mp vs plunge router 279 CAV673KiamnaCe trimnyr kit 189 DW321K

0W705 ir cmpnd ratr saw 349 0W364K 7-1/4" saw w/case 159 0Vi675K3-1/8'pianer w/case 164 OW682K Plate Jointer Kit


DW421K 5'h4s rand sndr w/cs 74 DW423K5*Vs rndm sarxfer w cs94 0W443 6" RA HAL rdm sr-or 144 0W431 3'x21'vs bet! 189 OW995K 18 Volt 1/2" VSR Drill Kit


DW991K-22 14 4v3'8'to** k 209 DW991KS-214 4v drit'saw fc 349

JTAS-10X 10 'Jet Saw 3 HP wfiO " XACTA Fence * ^ & Motor Cover ^

JPM-13 13' planr/TOuWer 769' I JWTS-10JF10' saw. Jet Inc 564' JWBS-14CS14- lnp svd Msw$49' JJ-6CSX 6' long bed iointer469' JWP-15H0 I5'3^wplnr 1199' DC-650 1 hp Ô50 cpm c?edr214' CC-12C0 2hp'200c^rr cilf>:^379* | •Price after mail-in rebate

AM78-HC4V f4 ^

1-1/2 HP Vertical,, Twin Tank


AM79-HC4V 1 -1/2 hp v ink 3291

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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