First Prize

Jewelry case on stand Brian Condran Martinez, CA

SECOND PRIZE Dining set Roger Heitzman Scotts Valley, CA

Brian Condran didn't intend to specialize in marquetry, but he's developing quite a reputation for it. Last year he won first prize in our student category with a marquctry-cmbcllishcd cabinet; this year he's done it again as a professional.

"I designed this piece around a small cutoff of cocobolo—just 2 ft. long and 6 in. wide. It had cathedrals that looked just like mountains—I've never seen another one like it. It was a real stretch to resaw the five veneers I

This dining set is the wildest we've seen in a long time—but for former architect Roger Heitzman, it's just another day in the shop. He defines his style as "combination Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Detroit."

For this set, Heitzman drew on the 1940s work of Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. "The tabletop required a lot of vacuum-veneered marquetry and inlay work. I used at least 20 different kinds of wood— including fiddleback anigre, s I i

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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