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For more information about the history and science of trebuchets and other medieval siege weapons, see the following:

I 'The Trebuchet," by Paul Chevedden, Les Eigenbrod, Vernard Foley and

Werner Soedel, Scientific American, July 1995, pp. 66-71. » "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Case of Spam!" by Paul Kvinta, Outside,

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Sling, ring and trigger. To complete the trebuchet, you need three more items: the sling, the trigger and the trigger ring. (See Fig. 3.)

String made of natural fiber works best for the sling—knots won't slip loose as they would with nylon. For the pouch, use thin, pliable leather you can cut with a utility knife and punch with an awl.

You might have to experiment a little when you shape the end of the prong—it should slip through the trigger ring easily and hold it cocked, but it should also slip back out easily when you pull the trigger.

Finally, 1 put a coat of Danish oil on my trcb. After the oil cured, I applied a dark glaze to make it look old and worn.

Loading and Marksmanship

Use your finished trebuchet safely. When you load the projectile into the pouch on the trough, put your hand in from the end of the trough. Don't reach through the A-frame. Keep the sling taut and untangled on the trough bed before launching. The pouch should lie on its edge with both ends the same distance from the end of the trough, as shown in Fig. 4. If necessary, trim the appropriate sling cord to align the ends. A

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