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Great Clamps

Clamps From Garrett Wade

These arc German made with the expected high quality design and workmanship -and ac less than $4.50 each, they are a phenomenal value. Light, strong and easy to use (throat depth 2Vf) with vinyl capped swivel ends and wooden handles. It's terrific to have a bunch around the shop. The Clamp size (listed below) is the maximum opening.

We cannot recommend these enough. Ten of each saves you considerably. Real value doesn't come any better than this. Regular Sale

37F02.I0 4"Cab.Clamp(10) $59-95 «42.50 37F02.20 8"Cab. ClampOO) $65.95 $46.75 37F02.30 12"Cab. ClampOO) $71.95 $49.95

Combo. Set consists of 10 of each of the 3 sizes of clamps. 30 Clamps total- only $4.40 each. 37F20.10 Combo. Set $197.85 $132.25

Garrett Wade Shipping Charges

161 6th Avenue Sets of 10 are $7.95

New York, NY 10013 Sets of 30 are $9-95

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