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(800) 241-3770:(330) 889-3770. Alva Hardwoods. 7307 Route 80. Alva, FL 33920. (941) 728-2484; Florida (888) 894-6229. Great domestic/exotic selections. Quality inventory, facilities, and personalized service.

thickness. Ash to Zebrawood. Call for TREE informative brochure. Shcerwoods (800) 514-3449.

FIGURED MAPLE, KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF curl, quilted, burl, and spalted. Boards, blocks, and instrument. Myrtle. Rändle Woods, P.O. Box 96. Rändle. WA 98377. (800) 845-8042.


Wide Quartcrsawn & Curly Sycamore. Precision sawn lumber and bookmatchcd flitches. Talarico Hardwoods. RD #3. Box 3268. Mohnton. PA 19540 (610) 775-0400. VISA/MC

wood & tool exchange

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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