Turn down to the stem. After applying the finish, carefully part to the brass stem. Then stop your lathe and pull the top away from the disc:

center a '/^-in. bit on the hole to finish boring it out.

Stock preparation—After laminating and squaring up your blank, drill a hole in the center of one end, and epoxy the stem into the blank. Roughen the stem with coarse sandpaper to help the epoxy bite. Use plenty of glue—squeeze-out is what keeps the blank mounted on the scrap disc. About l Vj^ in. of the stem should protrude from the blank. Jam the stem into the hole in the disc, and clamp it in place with the tailstock center.

Turning the top—I turn most of the top body with a gouge, but you could also use a skew. I use a parting tool to work in the cranny between the blank and the scrap disc.

When you've parted almost to the stem, sand the top and apply a light coat of finish to the whole top. I use a Hut™ wax stick (available from Hut Products for Wood, 15361 Hopper Rd., Sturgeon, MO 65284, 800-547-5461) because it goes on quickly and fills tiny scratches.

Now, part to the stem and pull the top away from the disc. 1 chuck the stem in my drill press so I can sand and finish the hard-to-reach places. Wax the stem itself last, so the ring will spin easily.

Making the ring—I use a tubing cutter to cut a l^-in.-long section of copper tubing. Then I drill a '%4-in.-dia, hole through the center, holding the ring with a wooden handscrew in the drill press. (See bottom right photo.) A regular drill bit will cut better in copper if you grind it as shown in the sidebar at right.

To make the cap that keeps the ring on the stem, first drill a l^-in.-dia. hole about V4 in. deep in the end of a V^-in. dowel. Epoxy the stem into this hole.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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