This Delta exclusive gives you a lock on snipe control. Patent-pending cutterhead snipe control lock stabilizes the cutterhead during operation, for complete ngcdity.

Plane your own stock up to 12 W wide and 6" thick. All the way down to '/if thick.

Those who've had a sneak preview have nee things to say about it-Priced in the middle of the pack- we're betting it! end up at the head of its class.

Quick-change 2-knife system includes two high-speed steel, double-edged, reversible knives, a wrench and installation tool for quick and accurate knife changes.

Easy-to-read English/Metric Scale makes fast work of depth-of-cut settings.

Beware off snipers.

and go. Weighing in at only 65 pounds, rt'll go to work wherever you want it to. Stash It out of the way when If a not «n use

Property adjusted infeed/outfoed tables can go a long way toward snipe reduction A low-friction stariloss steel base, »n combination with these adjustable infeed/outfeed tables, gives you a large smooth surface for moving stock through your planer.


Practical as they are, most portable planers are notorious snipers. If you're looking to minimize sniping without sacrificing portability, check out Delta's new 12V2" Portable Planer (Model 22-560), with its exclusive snipe control lock. Call toll free for the name of your nearest Delta dealer. Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486. In Canada, 519-836-2840.


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