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Flush-Trimming Dowels

This is a quick way to trim dowels or wooden keys flush with a surface. Chuck a 3/8-in. straight bit and remove the baseplate from the router. If necessary, file off rough spots on the bottom of the router. Place a scrap of paper on the work and lower the cuttcr until it just grazes the paper's surface. Remove the paper and rout the dowels.

William White Williston, VT

Router-Table Dust Collector

Needing to collect dust and shavings from my router table, I took a 5-gallon plastic bucket, cut a hole in the bottom and attached a 4-in. PVC flange fitting with pop rivets. Then I screwed the bucket to the underside of the router table. Since the on/off switch was now inaccessible, I notched the side of the bucket and plugged the cord into an outlet strip.

Andy Olerud Driggs, ID

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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