Mirror-finish grinding

"Jesada Tools has introduced an improved line of router bits with a trademarked white, non-stick PTFE coating. The carbide tips on these bits are the smoothest and sharpest we've ever seen, thanks to Jesada's new state-of-the-art grinding equipment. Test cuts in our shop produced exceptionally smooth profiles."

Micrograin carbide cutting edges

American Woodworker

Magazine, October, 1997

Rabbet-Master Plus" masters 7 different cuts j esada Tools' Rabbet-Master Plus cuts rabbets from 1/8" to 1/2" deep & flush trims as well! The set includes one of our 1-3/8"-diameter carbide tipped rabbet-ing bits, seven ball ^ bearings and an I alien key.

White nonstick PTFE coating (a trademark of le&ada Toots)

Try Jesada and Save with our 3-Bit Special

■his special introductory offer lets you experience Jesada Tools' quality first hand! You'll get 3 bits from our state-of-the-art U.S. factory with features like Fatigue-Proof® steel, micro-grain carbide and our mirror-finish grinding, all for about half our regular price!

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