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needed," Condran recalls.

He cut out the marquetry pieces on his homemade scrollsaw. The cloud formations required more than 150 pieces made from granadillo sapwood. Condran also used spalted English walnut, quilted maple, European beech, olive, sucupira, bay laurel, lignum vitae and ebony. After the piece was sold, he added drawers sized to fit the customer's jewelry collection.

He finished the interior with shellac and began to shellac the exterior, but the alcohol made the cocobolo bleed, so he switched to Bartlcy's gel and finished up with paste wax.

THIRD PRIZE (tie) Demilune cabinet Nick Clark Berkeley, CA

Nick Clark got his woodworking start 16 years ago in England, where he did a four-year formal apprenticeship in joinery. Six years ago he moved to the United States, and now he studies with James Krcnov

at the College of the Redwoods.

Surprisingly, Clark's cabinet bears only a slight resemblance to the Krcnov style. wWc were given a certain set of parameters for this project—no glass, no bent lamination, no veneers—and within those guidelines I tried to keep the cabinet uniquely my own," he notes. "For instance, to achieve the slight curve in the doors without bent lamination, I decided to cooper them. They have six edge joints apiece."

The finish is a simple shellac polish and wax—a Krenov favorite that retains the bright natural hues of the satinwood and canary-wood stock.

THIRD PRIZE (tie) Chest of drawers Mark Edmundson Lake Fork, ID

Mark Edmundson's relationship with wood began with trees: He fought fires for the Forest Service on a helicopter crew in central Idaho. "Then, during my winters off, my wife and 1 were building a house. I had a dull old block plane, so I went to the library to read up on sharpening, and I discovered a whole world of information about woodworking. One thing led to another, and three years later I got accepted to the College of the Redwoods."

Edmundson's chest of drawers is influenced by the English Arts and Crafts designs of Edward and Sidney Barnsley. "I cut and shaped my brass pulls to recall a bronze drop pull that the Barnsleys used.

And I learned from their use of inlay to break up large surfaces, using maple to punctuate my bowed mahogany drawer fronts." The drawers are dovetailed, with modified French bottoms made from Spanish ccdar.

Edmundson plans to set up a furniture shop when his wife finishes her graduate work. "In the meantime, I'm building a log house. I still get to practice my woodworking skills—just on giant mortises and tenons."

ebony, wenge and maple. All the woods are their natural colors." The finish is a hand-rubbed semigloss polyurethane on top of a Watco primer.

Magenta leather upholstery and wenge edge bandings give Heitzman's chairs a pop art feel. "That was a surprise!" he recalls. "The client bought the leather to match the dining room's existing decor. When we delivered the dining set, everything just fell into place."

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