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The First Thing It Cuts Is Vibration.

On the job with Spoghetti Western Furniture, Atlanta, Georgia.

You won't find a smoother operating scroll saw W^j!

than the new DeWALT 20" Variable V

Speed Scroll Saw. Vibration is dramatically ^ ^^^^^^^

reduced by a double parallel link arm Cj^

design which has pivot points at the front of the saw. With the pivot points up front, less of the arm moves during cutting for a smoother and quieter operation. This design also keeps the blade perpendicular to the work, eliminating under or over cutting. To make following a line easier, the DW788 has a fixed-position blade clamp to ' decrease deflection, while blade changing is made easy with the DeWALT tool-free blade change system. ) Conveniently, the onoff switch, electronic variable speed, flexible dust blower and blade tensioning lever ure all located on the front upper arm so there is no need to reach around the saw for adjustments. An oversized cast iron table provides extensive material support and bevels 45° left and right for shadow »ooxes or inlays. It's not just a scroll saw. It's a DeWALT. For more information, call 1-800-4-DeWALT.


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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