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American Woodworker editors prowled the aisles at two big tool shows recently—The National Hardware Show in Chicago and the Woodworking, Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair in Anaheim. We uncovered great new gear! Here's the scoop on the hottest items we found at the shows.

Amazing Joints!

You wouldn't dare cut these corner joints by hand. But they're easy to rout using Leigh's new Isoloc™ Joint Templates, a router and Leigh's 24-in., D-Series Dovetail Jig. Three templates are available with two different shapes on each. You get six new patterns with names like "wave", "clover" and "bear's ears," which describe the joints' appearance. Both half-blind and through joints are possible. (Price: $240 per template, includes guide bushing and holder to fit most routers) Leigh Industries Ltd. (800) 663-8932. Circle #601

Straightedge for Corners

Laying out lines that must meet at a corner is tedious and time consuming, especially on stock that's too small for a marking gauge. Bridge City's Saddle Squares enable you to "turn the corner" with greater ease and accuracy. The Saddle Squares are milled from solid brass and inlaid with a rosewood look-alike called Juara™ wood. The squares come in two sizes: ihe SS2 for 8/4 or smaller work and the SS4 for stock up to 4 in. thick. (Price: SS2, $62; SS4, $64) Bridge City Tool Works, (800) 253-3332. Circle #602

Panic Button

You've never seen a bigger safety switch than this one! The Easy-Off Power Control eliminates guesswork and groping when you need to shut off your machine in an emergency. It's essentially a large, flat panel that you can easily bump with your knee to switch off Ihe power. The giant switch is available in different models to fit saws, shapers, and most other stationary machines with 115V or 230V motors. (Price: $89.95) Rcitcch, (800) 385-6161. Circle #603

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