David Hollingsworth Wilmington, DE

The wealth of exceptional period furniture at the Hollingsworth house isn't hard to explain. David Hollingsworth has been studying and building period pieces since 1955. And he lives just down the road from the famous

Winterthur Museum, which houses one of the finest collections of antique furniture in the country.

He pursued his fiirniturc-making passion while raising a family and forging a career in chemical engineering. He retired as CEO of Hercules, Inc., in 1991.

"There are only 10 surviving antique examples of this Rhode Island-style secretary," he explains. "The one I chose to reproduce is owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society. It's the only nine-shell version that is known to exist."

Hollingsworth scaled down his mahogany secretary slightly to suit the proportions of his living room. He also made the carvings more delicate than

And the winners are... First-prize winners in the three award categories—amateur; student and professional—each receive an engraved Bridge City try square and $ 1,000 cash. Second-prize winners receive $300, and third-prize winners receive $200.

those on the original* and created a

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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