Laminated Blank

Jam brass rod into hole in scrapwood disc.

The cutting edge of a regular drill bit is designed to shear, not scrape, which is great for wood but not for nonferrous metals like the copper ring on this top. The cutting edge of the bit hits the surface like a plane blade—a little too aggressively—making a mess of the hole.

By grinding the bit's edge to a slight negative angle. I make it work more like a scraper blade. This produces a less aggressive cut that's much easier to clean up.

Hold the bit's cutting edge against the flat side of the grinding wheel, and take a tiny amount off the front edges of the bit. When you're finished, it should look like the photo at right. —P.M.

then saw the dowel to its finished length and shape the outside of the dowel with sandpaper.

Finally, attach the knotted end of the string to the stem with a dab of epoxy, and your top is ready to spin. A

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