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No Splintering, No Tear out, Life-Long Performance.

Now That's Precious Metal.

Made & Serviced in AMERICA

A quarter of a million satisfied woodworkers agree: the Forrest Woodworker II blade is worth its weight in gold. Maybe more. And it doesn't take a jeweler to see why. It rips through thick hardwoods with no scratches or tearouts. Miters and cross-cuts with flawless precision. It makes short work of one-sided laminates and splintery oak plywoods . . . flawlessly. In short there are saw blades . . . and there are Forrest blades.

Here's why. The hardness of C-4


any carbide, combined with the low breaking point of C-2 carbide, crcatcs a tooth that's as permanently tough as it is sharp. Once that tooth is hand-brazed to the plate, the blade is hand-straightened to a perfect flatness— and an astonishing ± .001" runout for peak performance.

Sawing is believing. Prove it to yourself—completely without risk! Call today—(8(H)) 733-7111— for your chance to try a premium Woodworker II blade or other Forrest blade in your own shop.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Use anv of then- blades for a month. If vou ¿»re not completely satisfied, return the blade for a c omplete refund. No other blade company will make that kind of guarantee—because there's no other blade like a Forrest blade!

FORREST WOODWORKER II: 6"-14" dia. avail.

All-purpov—tablesaws and portable circular saws Special 10% Discount! Take 20% ofT second blade of your choice.

10" x 30 T (Va" or 3/32" K) 10" x 40 T (1/8" or 3/32" K) 12" X40T 8" or 81/4- x 40 T 7V4" x 30 T BLADE STIFFENER

Make all vour blades cut better and quieter with a blade sliffener!

Sale Price

FORREST DADO-KING: 6"-12" Unmatched Precision on Every Dado Cut!

The Forrest Dado-King gives you flat-bottomed grooves and no splintering—even when crosscuiting oak plys and melamine. This award-winning set comes with six 4-tooih chippers (including 3/32" chipper), two 24-tooth outside blades plus shims. Cuts 1/8" to 29/32" grooves.

10% Off 15% Off Sale First Second Price Dado Dado 6" set $269 S242 $229 8" set $269 $260 $245 10" set $349 $314 $297


Protects and hold* up d> 10 bladcv Shipped with 6". (r or IV Dado Sen.

Designed for radial arm or tablesaws—fine crosscut.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off

Price First Blade Second Blade

Cuts melamine and plvwoods perfectlv. 220 mm & 300 mm available.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off

8". 71/4" & others available Price First Blade 36000(1 Blade 10" x 80 T p/$" or 3/32" K) $143 $127

12" x 80 T (1" hole. Ve" K) 4«t $163 $145

2-4 Days Sharpening ON ALL MAKES OF

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