Pouch Detail

Punch Vö hole.

Make die beam. The beam should be as light as possible at the throwing end. I started with a 22-in.-long workpiece and tapered 12 '/2 in. of the length slightly with a handplane, from '/2 in. down to V8 in. at the lighter end.

Carve the sling-release peg's end round, with a slight hollow as shown in Pig. 2, so that the sling's end ring (sec Fig. 4) will not slip off when it's ready to launch. The hollow must be shallow so that the ring will slip off during launch. Screw the peg into a notch cut at the end of the beam. It you discover that you've made the hollow too deep, unscrew the peg from the beam and carve another one.

Build the base. The base consists of two A-frames that support the pillow blocks, three crossmembers (one long and two short) that hold the structure together at the bottom, and two struts that brace the A-frames sideways.

I glued the pillow blocks to their mounts first, then began assembling each A-frame. The easiest way is to lay the pillow-block mount and lower rail on a flat surface, and glue the post and two braces on top of them. Make sure the vertical and horizontal pieces are square to each other. Reinforce the joints with dowel pegs.

Then gang the three crossmembers together to cut the dadoes for the lower rails. Spread glue in the dadoes and erect the A-frames. Check for square, glue the struts in place, and glue the upper rails above the top ends of the struts. Then peg the remaining joints.

The launch trough. The trough acts as a runway for the pouch and its projectile. The trough's surface must be smooth, so this is the only part of the trebuchcr that needs to be fine-sanded and finished.

I built the trough with two bottom cleats that straddle the center crossmem-ber. instead of gluing or pinning it in place. (See Fig. I, "Section through Trough.") This way, you can adjust the trough side to side to align it with the treb's beam, which may or may not stay centered during its lifetime.

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