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Tambour nightstand Tony Smith Cambridge, MA

Every student at Boston's North Bennet Street School must complete a tool chest and three pieces of furniture. So, for his final piece, Tony Smith took inspiration from the work of two Boston Federal furniture makers: John and Thomas Seymour.

Smith combined aspects of several different Seymour pieces in his table. Several night tables and basin stands contributed to the overall form. The inlaid tambour front recalls a Seymour desk at Israel Sack in New York.

Smith enjoys the challenge of traditional furniture. "I admire some contemporary work, but 18th-century furniture offers me the greatest discipline—turning, carving, inlay and joinery." All these

methods figure in Smith's night table. The mahogany legs—Smith's first attempt at turning—each have 12 reeds and six carved acanthus leaves. Bookmatched curly maple panels, sand-shaded holly veneer, and black-and-white string inlay also grace the piece.

Smith now makes his living restoring 18th- and 19th-century furniture. In his spare time, he's looking for a permanent place to establish his own furniture shop.

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