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front drawers with a facc frame, you may also need to pack out the areas behind the frame.


When the drawers, carcase and slide parts are assembled and finished, you can install the drawers and slide assemblies. Attach the guide rails first. T hen insert the extension slides, after nibbing a little paraffin wax on the bottom edge and into the top rabbet and tongue of each to reduce friction.

Slip the extension slides into the drawer openings at an angle (see photo, above left), then twist them sideways, engaging their tongues in the guide-rail grooves. Check that the extensions slide smoothly in and out of the carcase. If not, trim their bottom edges as necessary.

Next, pull both slides out fully and slip the drawer into the opening. (Some wax rubbed on the bottom won't hurt.) Screw on the support cleats using the pilot holes you drilled earlier. The drawer should slide smoothly. If the extension slides bind, you may need to plane them slightly thickness-wise. Plane the inside surfaces, so tool marks won't show. To remove the drawer in the future, unscrew the cleats and pull it out. A

Slide installation. Slip the slides into the drawer opening at an angle, so you can engage the slide's tongue in the guide-rail groove.

carcase side guide rail slide face frame additional guide rail face frame side

For flush-front drawers, pack out these areas.

/drawer i boi iom face frame

KEY: L = Length of drawer side. T = Thickness of drawer front.

construction of the carcase. If the drawer housings are basically plywood boxes that the drawers fit snugly into, you can simply glue the rails into the top corners of the housing, then drill and drive a countersunk screw through the ungrooved portion at the front of each strip into the plywood.

If the carcase has a face frame, you can glue and screw the guide rails into the corners of the facc frame at the front. (See Fig. 3.) At the rear end, you can screw the back end of the rail into the frame above, or anchor the rail to the back of the carcase by screwing into the end of the rail.

Face-frame construction also calls for two guide rails at the bottom corners of the drawer housing, to keep the extension slides running true. (See Fig. 3.) These strips run the full depth of the drawer housing. If you're using fiush-


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