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Carving a carousel horse is did it one-handed, challenging enough with Peters, now 80, lost the two hands. Wayne Peters use of his left arm and hand

Peters carved these carousel horses one-handed for the children of Giddings, Texas.

Darwin Rossman enjoyed doing fine scrollsaw work, but he wanted to test his limits and see just how fine it could get. So the 82-year-old retired geologist from Charlottesville, Virginia, built himself a micro-scroll saw that cuts pieces of inlay as narrow as V](x) in. with microsurgery precision. This enables him to make amazingly detailed scenes, such as the butterfly shown at right.

Rossman made the saw out of construction-grade plywood, S/g-in.-thick acrylic sheet, aluminum channel stock and reciprocating gears from a saber saw. To get an ultra-close-up view of his work, he


equipped the saw with a swing-out, 20X dissecting microscope (see photo, right).

Power tor the saw comes from a sewing-machine motor, which allows him to vary cutting speed from about 50 strokes a minute to over 200.

Rossman generally uses V|Q-in.-thick inlay stock. His favorite scrollsaw blade is a 1 -0, which cuts a Vjoo-in. kerf. He converts these to "skip-tooth" blades by filing clown every other tooth with a fine diamond file.

Fine work. Above right, Rossman peers through a 20X microscofie mounted on his custom-made scrollsaw to get a closer view of the work. At left, some of the pieces used to make this inlaid butterfly are just in. wide.

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George Frank 1903-1997 Grand master of finishing

San Diego Guild Does it Again

Master woodfinishcr, storyteller and author George Frank died September 2, 1997, in Budapest, Hungary. He was 93.

Frank is best known in woodworking circles for his articles in early issues of Fine Woodworking magazine and as author of Adventures in Wood Finishing (1981, Taunton Press)—an engaging account of his career as a finisher.

Born in Mako, Hungary, on September 16, 1903, Frank studied both woodfinishing and antique reproduction at the Kacss Guyla Institute in Budapest. He relocated to Paris in 1924—the heyday of Art Deco design—where he specialized in the high-style decorative finishes that were popular at the time. Frank worked for some of the best firms in Paris the '20s and 430s, including the interior design firm of Maison Janscn.

George Frank moved to New York in 1939 and ran his woodfinishing business in Manhattan until he retired to Florida in 1978. His second book, Wood Finishing With George Frank, was published by Sterling Publishing Co. in 1988. In recent years, he and his daughter Eva Frank conducted woodfinishing tour groups to China and Europe.

This past June, the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association mounted its sixteenth annual Design in Wood Show at the Del Mar Fair in Southern California. Over 300 pieces vied for more than 60 awards and cash prizes in 17 categories of woodworking. This year, for the first time, american Woodworks sponsored a $1,000 cash prize for Best of Show. Ellis Walcntinc, executive editor of AW, presented the award to Nikolai Ossipov for his turned and carved mahogany and glass goblets in a carved presentation case.

The Del Mar Fair show attracts more than one million visitors each year. For information on the 1998 Design in Wood Show, call Bob Stevenson at 619-422-7338.

Best of show. A goblet of mahogany and glass (above) made by Nikolai Ossipov. His carved presentation case (left) holds four goblets.

ot total

Forestland in United States

Since the year 1600. humans have converted some 307 million acres of forestland to other uses.

1.04 billion acres of forestland

737 million acres of forestland

• Percentages are approximate rce: US Department ot Agriculture. Forest Products Laboratory. Macttson. Wiscon&n

Every day medical researchers mako progress in the battle against disease. But cures for the following woodworking afflictions still remain to be found:

✓ Dimentia: An overpowering sickening feeling you get upon realizing that a crucial bit of wood has been cut to the wrong dimensions.

✓ Enteritis: Anxiety you experience upon entering the woodshop due to fear of making yet another serious mistake.

✓ Ebonics: Loud screaming brought on by the slow removal of ebony splinters from beneath the cuticle region.

✓ Lumbago: Intense back pain caused by moving lumber from one stack to another in order to find just the right piece.

✓ Migrain headache: Severe temporal lobe pain brought on by rearranging several pieces of wood over and over again until you can achieve the perfect grain pattern for glue-up.

✓ Tenonitis: Feelings of nausea and remorse caused by large, swollen tenons, which force you to sand or rasp to fit mortises correctly.

✓ Joint pain: Excruciating agony experienced when joints refuse to fit properly.

✓ Men-o-pause: Once thought to afflict only older females, it is now known to strike women of all ages who enjoy woodworking so much that they stop caring about men.

Miter Hook Veritas

Lee Valley Tools and Veritas" Tools bring you the newest products from their research and development activities.

The following 3 pages are a sample of what you can expect in the full-color, 252-page Lee Valley catalog.

Veritas Miter Hook

Measuring accurately from an inside corner is simple with this miter hook developed by a trim carpenter. Just press the pins into the end grain (the pins are sligluly angled to draw the hook in snugly) and hook your tape measure into the slot that is exactly even with the miter end. A rare-earth magnet grips the tape as you measure. Also usable lor outside comers where the hook works the same way, except pins are not necessary.

11k* h(x>k is handy in a shop as well — anywhere you need to do mitered corners. Machined from high-impact AllS. it has hardened pins and two rare earth magnets, li is fully reversible; the magnets are exposed on lx>th skies. AW315 Miter Hook $6.95 if

A Tape for Cabinetmakers

A customer recently wrote to say, in essence, *Why can't you sell a decent 10-foot tape that I can slip in my apron pexket without it weighing me down? Everything you sell Ls long, wide, and heavy. I want something slim, light, and handy." Here it is and. better yet. we offer it in right-to-left reading version (which we call a "right-hander's" tape) as well as the usual left-to-right reading version (a 'left-hander's" tape). The vast majority of tape measures made today read from left to right, which is OK for just measuring, but becomes a major problem when a right-hander needs to measure and mark something; you end up either having to hold the pencil in your left hand or switching the tape to your left hand and then having to read tape markings that are upside down. The solution is a tape that reads right-to-left. Then you can hold the tape- in your left hand and mark with your right hand.

Tins tajx* is perfect for keeping on the Ixrnch or in an apron and, at just over 2t > oz. you hardly notice it in your apron p<xket. So that left-handers can enjoy it also, we made it in a left-to-right reading version as well, a AW317 RII Cab. » i"xiO' Tape $3-95

(right-to-left) C AW318 LH Cab. Vz"x\0' Tape $3-95 (left-to-right)

a Fine-Point Scratch Awl

A very neat little scratch awl with a fine, slim tip. The palm handle has a flat to prevent rolling. It makes a lot of sense. 3" blade.

AW319 Fine-Point Scratch Awl $4.50

E Veritas1 Precision Square

This stainless-steel square is an ideal size for cabinetmaking. But more important, it has the accuracy of an engineer s square — .001M per inch of length. It is graduated on lx>ih the interior and exterior faces, and all four faces are ground to the same accuracy. This means that you can use the square for layout or machinery setup. It is also graduated on Ixxh sides — the 3" leg in 32nds and the 6" leg in 16ths. The etched markings are permanent and easy to read because the square has a non-glare finish. Hie relieved interior corner ensures that the square scats well, even over saw whiskers. Excellent value in a superbly made square.

AW312 Precision Square $11.95

Visit our Web site at: www. leet alley, com for informal km on new prcxlucts. instruction sheets and technical information.


A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 252-page, full-color catalog has the j widest selection of woodworking hand ^^ tools in I he market. With a few exceptions, the copy in this ad has been taken directly from our catalog to show you tlx* detailed information you can expect to find about each tool.

Call: 1-800-871-8158

or fax: 1-800-513-7885 3ES B

Our catalog is $5 (refutuled with first order) or FREE with any purchase from this three-page ad1

N.Y. reskknu. add idles tax.

Overseas, call I-61.VS96-4M50 or fax: l-4l3-W>-6<>3<>

Tucker Vise) with a solid brass hub and a repositionable gyratory locking lever. Spare mounting plates arc available for quick interchange of workpieces. AW330 Carver's Vise $75.00

AW331 Dog+tole Mount Asseml^y$ 7.95 AW332 Spare Plate with Rod $12.95

Veritas® Carver's Knife

This versatile knife has an oval handle with fine grooves for a comfortable grip. The razor-sharp high-carlxm blades can be honed many times before replacement. Hie anodized aluminum body of the knife has a solid brass collet. Blade change is easy and blade orientation is always in line with the major axis of the body. The knife is ideal for whittling. fine detail carving and is equally effective as a shop knife. Alxmi 6n long, it comes with a dozen blades, 4 of each style shown. AW301 Carvers Knife Repl. Blades: AW302 Pkg. of 10, Spear AW303 Pkg. of 10. Curved AW304 Pkg. of 10, Classic

Grooved oval handle aliow® for 21 good #hp in your hand.

Micro-Plane Rasps

These rasps do an incredible job on \\<xxl. plastic and resias. Each Made has hundreds of small, razor-sharp teeth. Each chisel-style uxxh is slightly rounded like a scrub plane blade. The teeth are formed by etching and are sharp on three edges. Wood shavings emerge through the throat of each tcxMh. making a packed rasp a thing of the |xist. All of these t<x)|s are made from tempered stainless steel; they won't rust — the usual cause of dulling of normal files and rasps. These handled rasps are a joy to use lor shaping and are indispensable for decoy carvers. The round rasps are available in three sizes: 61 >". 811" and 13" long overall with diameters of -vx", 1and respectively. The square rasps are available in two sizes: 6V>M and 13" long overall with blades 1 »" and 1 f wide respectively. The 6l/zu long rasps are ideal for controlled stock removal on smaller carvings as they are easily held using only one hand. They have to be used to Ixf appreciated. C AW353 Round Rasp - 6» >v $6.50 D. AW352 Round Rasp - 8« 2V $7.50 AW351 Round Rasp - 13° $9-50 E AW350 Square Rasp - 13" $9-50 AW354 Square Rasp - $6.50

A Veritas1 Carver's Vise

A gtxxl carvers vise should be adjustable in all three axes. This one has full rotation in two axes and 3" of height adjustment in the third axis. It also has controlled release; when you relieve the clamping pressure, the internal springs and O-rings provide residual resistance so that work does not suddenly fall or rotate. Work can be repositioned and adjusted without needing three hands.

The vise can Ix- bolted to a bench, clamped in a vise (it has side flats), or side or top mounted in a W diameter dog hole with the optional dog-hole mount assembly.

The Ixxly Is arched to let work overhang the edge of a Ixinch when top mounted, giving maximum flexibility of use. The 31 2* diameter by i 2" thick mounting plate is fastened to a 1 2" diameter steel rcxl. The body is made from the new alloy ZA-12 (same as our

|LeeVklley& veuxtas®

Innovation in tools®

Veritas' T<x>ls Inc. Is the manufacturing ami <>f Lee Valley Tools Ltd. Tlie intense research and development activities of the retail firm, Lee Valley, led to tlx* creation of Veritas*. the manufacturer. Visit our Web site at

Lee Valley Tools Ltd., 12 East River Street, Ogdensburg, N.Y. 13669

Guarantee - We pledge to you the Ixrst service we can provide with personal attention and ilx* Ix^st value on every order. If you are noi satisfied for any reason, just return your purchase within 3 nw>nths by insured parcel post to our Ogdensburg. N.Y.. address. You can choose to either exchange the product, or receive a complete refund, including your return insured parcel post costs.

record dimensions on it with a pencil. Tlie diamond cut-out in the blade holds a pencil tip in position and makes it particularly easy to draw lines parallel to an edge.

AW310 Sliding Square $21.95

J. Veritas Flat-Bob

The most common use of plumb bobs is next to a wall, yet round plumb bobs roll around endlessly, making it nearly impossible to get an accurate line. The Flat-Bob doesn't roll and. because it has a very low center of gravity, it stabilizes rapidly. Because it is thin, the point is easily visible from above, again not the case with a regular lx>b. The Ixxly design also makes accurate marking much easier. You can press it against the wall as you mark a line dead center through the body slot.

The cord spool has 2 open holes that can be used to hang the plumb bob at a given length of cord. For storage, the spool snaps into body slot. All brass fittings on a precision molded ABS IxxJy with 8' of braided nylon cord. 5V«" long overall. Usable anywhere — construction, plumbing cabinetry, or for wallpaper jobs. AW305 Flat-Bob $9.95

Call: 1-800-871-8158

or fax: 1-800-513-7885 22 E3

Our catalog is $5 (refutided with first order) or FREE u itb any purchase from this three-page ad.

N Y fc*idcras. add sales ux

Om%civ call: I 613-596 0350 or fax: 1-613 5966030.


A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 252-page, full-color catalog is filled with detailed infonnation


F. Veritas Carpenter's Gauge

The Veritas' Girpcnter's Gauge was specifically designed to Ik* carried in an apron or pocket. It is ^^ ^ lx)ih a direct-reading ..-/> compass and a ••

that carpenters frequently need but 0raw radiud find hard to carry. This \t\ur*ecuon tool has a rotatable head, which locks vertically for use and horizontally for storage and tip protection. It is direct reading, both for radius and diameter, in inches and centimetres. It is useful in a cabinet shop because of the direct-reading feature, which substantially reduces errors, as well as for the fast corner radiusing. Made of brass, stainless steel and high-impact ABS, it is 71long overall, and will scribe circles up to 12" diameter.

AW314 Carpenter's Gauge $14.95

G. Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge

Avoid the shortcomings of standard pin marking gauges. Our marking gauge will perfectly scrilx* at any point of its circumference. Since the hardened steel wheel is lx>th sharp and lx*velled only on the inside, it cuts through grain and forces the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy. It cuts rather than tears and leaves a clean mark, even on cross grain. The gauge is easy to set since it has an internal O-ring to keep light but constant friction on the stem. The anodized aluminum head has a 1 h* thick brass face and a brass thumbscrew. A very comfortable gauge to use.

AW320 Wheel Marking Gauge $18.95

//.Veritas Sliding Square

This cabinetmaker's layout square simplifies mortise and tenon layouts, hinge inletting, and transferring locations from one face of your work to the other. It provides ample reference face against your work without having to flop the square. You can also work in two axes at once, e.g.. measuring in 2" and over l1 2" is simple, substantially reducing the possibility of error. The stainless-steel blade is 3" wide and 6" long, graduated on both edges (to 4") and across the end. It has a matte finish. which not only makes it easy to read by eliminating glare, but lets you

A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 252-page, full-color catalog is filled with detailed infonnation

(like above), plus many technical tips. Smaller seasonal catalogs contain extensive technical bulletins.

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