Square Drive Screws

Simply the Best

Square Drive Beats Driver Slippage Deep Thread for Super Grip Hardened Steel tor Superior Strength Made in the US or Canada!

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square drive screws lyactttfl • VA • 24508 Call Toll Free: 1-800-443-7937


Futon Frame Plans

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Twin, hull and Queen Size Twin. Full and Queen Sue $12.95 + $3.1X1 S/H $12.95 • S3.CN>

Ideal for small bedroom* or colkge dorvm. NO SPEGIAI HARDWARE NEEDED

Pfiw mduaic Styk A Of B. Specialty Furniture Designs 797 W Remi* Road. (Vpi AW-3*. Mi. Itcavini. Ml 48X58

XJ/ivi. MC/Dm<nrr—Ml idd f>% I'RP.l: With QtJ,-i y ClHCLt NO 303 ON PRODUCT INFORUATON FO*M

Model No. DB-612

Made U S.A

Sand irregular Pneumatic sanding drum. Available In five surfaces without loess diameters. T to 8*. Operator-rwilatcd inflated qf shape or detail. drum conforms abrasive sleeve to contourrd work.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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