Steve Baldwin

is the founder of Baldwin Toy Company. He displays his toys at art shows around the country.

Final Details

I make Noah's house from walnut. You can build it and check the fit at any point, but don't glue it to the top layer of the hull until you have completed the final sanding.

Careful sanding is the key to a good finish. I sand the whole project using several progressively finer grits, stopping at 150 grit.

I wipe on several light coats of Watco Danish oil. Then I apply two coats of General "Royal Finish" (available from Woodworker's Supply, 1108 N. Glenn Rd., Casper, WY 82601, 800-645-9292) and rub them out with 0000 steel wool.

Finally, I apply a coat of soft wax (available from Craftsman's Products, Box 419, Wyantskill, NY 12198) to each of the animal pieces. This gives them the super-smooth feel that kids just love. A


The 1-in.-thick figurehead contacts each layer at one point of the notch. The sides of the notches provide gluing surface. All dark layers are 1 in. thick; all light layers are in. thick.

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