Subtle Hint

To get a great gift you have to give a subtle hint Nothing too conspicuous, mind you. Just a small reminder strategically placed on the refrigerator. Or the car dashboard. Or the bathroom sink. A little something to remind the ones you love about the gift you'd love to get.

After all, how are they supposed to know you want QUICK-GRIP clamps if you don't tell them? That's exactly why we've included



Bat Clamps

QUICK-GRIP clamps are great gifts for anyone who uses tools. Whether you're into woodworking, hobbies, models, car repair or just general maintenance around the house, QUICK-GRIP clamps are the perfect companions for anyone

i who needs an extra hand. In fact, there are QUICK-GRIP clamps for almost any job.

\ y ________J someone asks what kind of present you'd like

these handy clip-and-post coupons for to receive, make it easy. Leave a note your convenience. It's the only way to and tell 'em you want QUICK-GRIP

make 100-percent certain youH get clamps. Then when you get 'em —

QUICK-GRIP clamps. don't forget to act surprised!

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