Sugar Pine

Spec ies and Common Names: I'inus Lmibertiana—sugar pine, purple<oned sugar pine

Growing Range: From Ihe mountains of southern Oregon along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, to the coastline of northern Haja California

Specific Gravity: 0.34 to 0.36

DfNsiTY: 22 lbs. per cubic ft.

Wood Movement1: Tangential (flatsawn): small (less than 9/64 in. per ft.) Radial (quartersawn): very small (less than 5/64 in. per it.}

Durability: Heartxvood moderately resistant to decay; sapwood susceptible to decay

Susiainability: Sustainable at current harvest levels


Sugar pine works well with hand and power tools. The soft wood has very little blunting effect on cutters, and it dents very easily—so keep your bench clear of tools, stray screws and debris.

Sugar pine joints and planes to a very satiny surface and glues exceptionally well. Pad any clamps with large glue blocks, to avoid marring the wood. Sugar pine holds screws and nails well, without preboring. Use sharp bits and slow feed rates for drilling.

Next to a sharp plane, a sharp, well-burred hand scraper yields the best surface. Sand by hand with 120- to 180-grit garnet paper to avoid scratches.

Sugar pine takes stains well, but the smallest dent or scratch will blotch— hence the prevalence of "distressed pine" furniture. To prevent this, apply a shellac wash coat or wood conditioner before any vypc of stain. (See AW #42.) Paint and clear finishes adhere very well.


Sugar pine is used in furniture, cabinets, millwork, construction, carvings and toys. A

avaii Aim it y: Hardwood lumberyards and specialty wood dealers, mainly west of the Mississippi

Size: Thicknesses: 4/4 through 16/4. Widths: 8 in. and wider. Lengths: 8 to 20 ft.

Cost: Lumber: 4/4 through 12/4, $2.50 to $7 per Ixl. ft. 16/4> $7.50 per M. ft. Plywood: Clear, J/4 in. thick, $40; J/4 in. thick, 570 Knotty: ]/4 in. thick, $36; J/4 in. thick SS0 Veneer: Not readily available

. Indicates wood movement across the Rr«iin from 6% to 12% moisture content

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