Third Prize

Game table Ejler Hjorth-Westh Elk, CA

Ejler Hjorth-Westh prefers contemporary design— as a native-born Dane, it's probably in his blood. But he's not averse to meeting a traditionally minded client halfway. This table, born of such a commission, has earned him his third Excellence in Craftsmanship* Award. (The first was for a bed in 1992.)

"My client bought a chessboard and asked me to build a table around it, with a backgammon set underneath. He requested a 'Queen Anne flavor.' But since I don't much care for exaggerated curves, I concentrated on proportions, crisp detail and symmetry."

Hjorth-West used only a few carefully chosen, tight-radius curves, such as where the legs meet the skirt. He oriented the mahogany vertically on the skirt, so it joins the legs seamlessly and turns each corner uninterrupted. And instead of formal hardware, he made ebony drawer pulls with burl inlay. The resulting piece looks equally elegant in modern and traditional settings.

Wooden menagerie. Bandsawn animal figures stow away inside this sturdy ship. Each drawer holds a matched pair of animals> and slides open to either side. The roof lifts off the house to hold Noah, his wife and the dove.


bciNd/aw a bocjtfuL of fuN

bt /teve baLdWiN

• 'ma professional toy artist, and one of my biggest sell-

Iers is this Noah's Ark. It's as much fun to make as it is to play with. And the only tools required are a band-saw and tablcsaw, a disc sander and eight quick clamps.

My ark's unique design gives you a lot of creative freedom. You can bandsaw any animal shape you like, and cut a wooden "drawer" block to hold it. The blocks slide into the hull of the ark for easy storage when playtime is over. (See Fig. 1.)

Making the Hull

The hull of the ark is made of contrasting layers of wood. The grain direction of the light layers runs from bow to stern, while the grain of the dark layers runs from side to side. This won't present wood movement problems as long as your stock is well-seasoned and you protect the ark from the elements.

Drawer blocks hold animals.


The light-colored layers of the hull run from bow to stern. The dark layers—sliding drawers, narrow divider strips and solid end pieces—are oriented with the grain running side to side. All the pieces of the body are bandsawn at a 12° angle, forming a gradual taper. (See Fig. 2.) Disc-sanding refines the contours.

ROOF PIECES '/2 X 5 X 11 Miter gable to form right angle.

Countersink porthole 1 in. dia



Dado gangplank.

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