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As part of a nationwide media campaign, a MAJOR cordless tool manufacturer has authorized us to offer their new 14.4v Cordless Drill, Cordless Detail Sander AMD Cordless Adjustable Worklight Kit for just $89.95 Comparable 14.4v cordless drills sell for $100 or more. But, why settle for one tool when you can get three high'quallty cordless tools for less? When you take advantage of this special offer.

you get a powerful 14.4v cordless drill PLUS a preci-

wered you get a powerful 14.4v cordless drill PLUS a preci-


You can't lose. If you're not 100% satisfied, return everything within 30 days for a noouestions-aski-d refund. To order your 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill; Cordless Sander/Cordless Worklicht Set with batterv, charger and carry case, call toll-tree 1-800-925-2005 or send your check for just'$3*«'$39.35 ($11.95 S&H). Item No. 220-A12. CA res add tax.

Extra batteries are just S34.95 ea. ($3.95 S&H). Item No. 221-A12. Add a 10 piece Sanding Pad Kit containing 3 fine, 4 medium and 3 coarse pads tor just $4.95. ($1.95 S&H). Item No. 2001-A12. Upgrade to a 1-hour Smart Charger for just $12.95. Item No. 222-A12

IkWDCniDI C UAinCI Thousands htve tepplypatd $69.95 tor ttvs INUnCUlDLC VMLUC! SAM£ powerful 14.4v Cordless Dm Set alone.

For just S20 more, you get 3 terrific 14.4v Cordless Deiad Sander PLUS a great 14.4v Cordless Worklight in the birgain.

14v Cordless Sander

• Triangle pad for detail work

• 15,000 strokes per minute

• Quick change "nook and loop"

sanding pad holder

Great Tools Direct!

587F Ventu Park Rd Department 801 Thousand Oaks. CA 91320 (600)925-2005 • (805)375-6061

14v Cordless Dr HI

• 3/8" Keyless Jacobs Chuck

• 6 Precision Clutch Settings

• 0-600 RPM Variable Speed

• Reversible

• Balanced T-Handle Design

14v Cordless Worklight

• Super bright ttmktatioo

• Stands on it's own, fits anywhere

• Includes extra both

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