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A f3emasr Company

The Laguna Tools New

18 Bandsaw.

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Probably the best 18" bandsaw evt.r buill!

Compare to other manufacturers:

V 3 HP motor / Heavy-duty cast iron trunion / Dynamically balanced cast iron flywheels / Heavy duty fence / Foot brake / Rack-and-pinion adjustment of upper guide / European-style guide bearings / Optional mobility kit

/ Optional heavy-duty miter-gauge / 12" rcsaw capacity / Tension indicator / Excellent dust collection

226S Ltguna Gimon Road Lagucu Beach, C\ 92651

Beats a drum every time

15" ÙI^jjjI^J Wide Belt Sander

• Economical

• Productive

• Beit changes take only 30 seconds1 v$. 2 hours on a drum sander

• Belts Ion up to 20 times longer than on a drum sandcr

• Much more efficient dust extracting system

• Continuous oscillation and pneumatic tracking

• You spend less time and money on maintenance, more time being productive

Our 1997 catalog la pocked with groat values on quality woodworking machinery pluo SystiMabc sawblados. Freeborn sheper cutters, HTC mobile base« and more



Multico is the best overall"

Fine Wnodworking A\utttz i tit

Multico Mortiscrs, Made in England by the inventors of bench-top mortisers. Seven models, from Vi to \Vi HP. Prices start at only 5299. For a little more than the price of a cheap imitation, you can invest in a genuine Multico Mortiser.

FREE Catalog or to Order, call Toil F m <tr uriu: GamttWade ¡61 6tb Aitnue NY. \V 10013 800-221-2942 i 800-566-9525 888-593-2453 o«L\>

Model PM in

'Mir -1799

-Si 125

circle ho 27 ON PRODUCT information FOAM 8 AMERICAN WOODWORKER ▲ DECEMBER 1997

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