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Double-Drum Sander

With Enlon's new EN-3409 Dual Drum Sander, you can make a single pass through the machine and surface with two abrasive grits. In another mode, you can put the same grit on each drum, and use a reversing switch to run work through the sander first in one direction, then the other, saving stock-handling time. There are two feed rates: 11 ft. and 17 ft. per minute. The new sander's rubber rollers will handle stock up to 24 in. wide and accept standard 4-in.-wide, spiral-wrapped abrasive paper. (Price: $950) Enlon Import Corp., Dept. AWT. 17709 East Valley Blvd. City of Industry, CA 91744. (800) 888-9697. Circle #609

Stitching Veneer joints

Tired of fussing with veneer pins and tape to edge-join veneer? Try the Kupcr Veneer Stitcher. To use the tool, align two joining pieces of veneer with their glue sides facing up. Roll the stitcher along the scam. Two angled rollers pull the joint tight while gluing a zig-zag pattern of fine fiberglass thread across the seam. Then glue the sheet to your substrate. The thread is too fine to telegraph through the veneer. (Price: $605) Vacuum Pressing Systems, 553 River Rd.t Brunswick> ME 040/1, (207) 725-0935. Circle #610

DELTA TOP-TURN 46-860 LATHE by Stephen H. Blenk

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