American Woodworker A February

Horton Brasses authentic reproductions of period hardware

PO Box 120AW Cromwell. CT 06416 203-635-4400 catalog: $4.00

CMT's A ward- Winning " Joint-Master Dado

"In terms of lop perf ormers CMT . gol our Editors' Choice Award for nukinj! cxcvllcnt cuts m .ill four lest categories " Amc'Hm WW'u'rtt'. Dcc. 1994.

CHIT'S 8" carbide-tipped Dado Set Includes our 3/32" Piy-Groove Chipper for snug fits on undersize plywood, plus four 1/8" and one 1/16" chipper. The Joint-Master features anti-kickback design, four-wing chlppers and 24 teeth that deliver Incredibly smooth cuts, oven in veneer plywood!

108-240S 8" Dado Set with free Dado Shim Set List: $268.40

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