Back Spindle

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V4 in. longer and saw slot for wedges.

Shaping the Seat

Deeply saddled seats are yet another typical feature of Windsor furniture. (Sec

Fig. 3.) Traditional chairmakers accomplished this sculptural look with an assortment of specialized chairmaking tools« including adzes, shaves» scorps, travishers and devils. I do most of the shaping with a sharp scorp, sometimes called an inshave, and with a wooden travisher. (See Sources.)

I he scorp docs an excellent job of roughing out the scat contour. With the seat secured ro my benchtop, I work inside the rain-gutter lines, pulling the scorp toward me and cutting with the grain where possible. (See left photo, opposite page.)

The travisher takes up where the scorp leaves off. The turned-up handles on this tool are meant to make hollowing work easv. Cut with the travisher 011 the

push stroke, working with the grain as much as possible. Test the fairness of the contours with your hand. Some chair-makers like to leave the facets from this shaving work in the scat surface. Others sand them smooth.

•Determine correct length during chair assembly. (See text, page 53.)


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