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Simple bar gauges are among the most useful u>ols in a shop for comparing or transferring measurements. Measuring equal diagonals in a drawer ensures it is square. Transferring a dimension directly, without converting ii into numbers* avoids errors. Bar gauges are unequalled lor inside measurements such jn si/ing shelves or interior trim in windows, or can he used as "story sticks" for complex built-in* where nothing is square Gauge head openings are 1/2" x V-«". You just rip 1/4" slices off standard lumber to make bars of the length you want. Made of brass and ABS plastic. (Wood is mil included.) 05N31.01 Bar Gauge Heads, pr. $9.95

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Our 2-4X-p;i£e catalog sent free with order.

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Join Michael Dresdner live on America Online Sunday nights from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm eastern time for answers to your finishing questions. From American Woodworker Magazine Online, click the "Shop Talk" icon to enter the finishing chat room.

Send $9 per plan. $25 for any 4 tool plans, or $2 for brochure. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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