Grandfather Clocks

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lliis Veritas plumb bob is not only beautiful but very / % *

functional; the boh Ills inio a case that is a tip protector • X V. ^^^

and a cord spool; Ok* case also holds a special col let so that the hoh can readily be used lor drill-press alignment ^

woik. The bob is 2" long and is held in the I" diameter I j^l ease by an integral O-ring. Compact, functional, and I m well designed. Solid brass. Cord and dravvNtring bag mJmlal Patented. ^^^^

05K95.01 Plumb Bob & Case $24.95

r.VAir;nnv AuniiYm^ i'iiiii. \ V. »rMA'iui *ukJ uaJo (HI ■■■^■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^■■l

3C To order A Qfifi Q71 Q1 CO or fax: Our 248-page catalog

^^ call: l"OUU"Of l"0 IÜO 1*800-513*7885 sent free with order.

In- \„llr> Ttm).\ ImJ 12 £»u Ki\rr Si.. 0%J*n\bunt. NX. /¿«W IOSO MiirriM* Or. öftre«. Gmuh K?H KK7

/DO-IT-YOURSELF KITS for those who love to work with wood. Precision cut parts. Easy to assemble.


Handcrafted, superbly finished with solid brass German movements.

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