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144 tip-packed pages.

200 photographs and illustrati 19 shop-made router jigs.

1fours to try for 15days PKEE.

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Rowing and Shaping is your introduction to TlIK AKTOI-' Woodworking . thh most complete guide to woodworking tools, techniques and materials.

Now you can learn the practical woodworking s kills that'll give you more professional-looking results on every project. And find out Cow to huild and use hundreds of jigs that'll help you work faster and with much greater control. It's all in

The Art of Woodworking, from

Time-Life Books.

I lere s the perfect workbench companion — with clear, easy-to-follow illustrations and a unique spiral binding that allows the hook to lie flat while in use. In your first volume, Routing an J Shaping, voull discover the secrets an (1 skills that have taken master woodworkers years to acquire. And vou ll learn the techniques, fro m edge forming to joinery, that make your router the most versatile tool in your shop.

Shop-test Routing and Shaping free for 15 days and receive a honus woodworking video! if you keep the hook, pay just $16.99, plus shipping and handling.

1 lien every moil ill, you'll have the chance to preview new volumes—without risk or obligation—like Cabinetmaking, Hand Iools or Portable Po iccr Tools, at our regular price of just $16.99, pi us shipping and handling.


i H ^ < I Shop Secrets fir )H1 g^AWer Craftsmen

Spend »in hour with Amenta § finest woodworkers learning their tcchnkiuc*« »ImrUiit« and UkjIh


I would like to examine Routing an J Shaping free for 15 days as my introduction to The Art of woodworking. Please send it to me, along with my free woodworking video and other future volumes, under the terms described in this ad.


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