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The following books have more information about Windsor chairs:

Make a Windsor Chair with Michael Dunbar, by AW contributing editor Michael Dunbar (1984, Taunton Press, Newtown, CT 06470).

Windsor Style in America, Vols. I and li by Charles Santore (1981 and 1987, Running Press, 125 S. 22nd St.r Philadelphia, PA 19103).


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Saddling the seat. A scorp makes quick work of roughing out the contours of the seat (left). Treanor then smooths and refines the surface with a travisher (right).

Installing Legs and Stretchers

For mc, attaching the leg and stretcher assembly to the scat is the most intimidating part of building any Windsor chair. Here's where it pays to take your time and work carefully.

Start by laying out the through hole locations for the legs on the underside of the seat. As shown in Fig. 5ยป the legs enter the seat at compound angles. To guide my bit, I use two bevel gauges that are adjusted to the entry angles and placed on the scat's x and y axes. (See bottom photo, page 54.) Remember to drill from both sides of the stock.

After boring all four leg holes, insert the legs and turn the chair upright. To determine the length of each side stretcher, clamp a straightedge between two of the side legs, lining up the straightedge with the centerlines for the holes turned on the legs. Make sure to spread the legs slightly; this will compress the stretchers when they are installed, keeping the joints tight. Now, measure the shouldcr-to-shoulder distance for a side stretcher.

With the straightedge still in place, transfer the boring angle for each stretcher to your bevel gauge, as shown in the top left photo on page 54. Then repeat the proccss for the opposite side stretcher. If the two side stretchcr measurements differ, don't worry. This is due to slight differences in the angle of each leg and is part of the nature of a handmade Windsor. At this point you can turn the side stretchers.

Now remove the legs from the seat. Drill the strctcher hole in each leg with the leg clamped in your bench vise and your bevel gauge set on the benchtop as an angle guide. (See top right photo, page 54.) When all four legs arc drilled, install the wo leg and stretcher assemblies in the scat. Then determine the length of the center stretchcr and its corresponding hole angles in the side stretchers, using a straightedge and bevel gauge as before. Turn the center stretcher, disassemble the chair and bore


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